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untitled map of the Caribbean
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Book title: De orbe nouo decades
Andrea Morales
Casa de Indias
Andrea Morales
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Peter Martyr d'Anghiera
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Madrid, Spain
Publication Author: 
Peter Martyr d'Anghiera
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Opera: Legatio Babylonica: Occeani Decas
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Original book, with woodcut print map, was published in 1511. Spain's King Ferdinand prohibited the distribution of the book and had as many copies recalled as possible and the map page removed. A subsequent publication in 1516 did not include the map.
North America; South America
Brazil; Cuba; Jamaica; Bahamas; United States; Mexico; Bermuda; Spain (Gibraltar); Haiti; Dominican Republic
Geographic Area: 
Gulf of Mexico; Caribbean; Atlantic Ocean; Florida Keys
Description of the map
North at the right in bound volume
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Burden, 1
Geographical Description: 
Map shows the Caribbean, including Cuba, Jamaica (iamaica), Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas. The southern portion of Florida, identified as the "isla de beimeni parte", or part of the Island of Bemini. The Straits of Gibralter are also shown at the extreme eastern end of the map.
Cartobibliographic notes: 
First map devoted to showing the New World; first printed map to show only the Caribbean; one of the earliest printed maps to name Cuba; first map of any kind to show any part of Florida.
Subject Information: 
Florida; Cuba; Jamaica; Dominican Republic; Haiti, Jamaica; Caribbean
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At least three copies in private collections in the United States, including two copies that sold on the open market, sometime between 2017 and 2019.
Library of Congress (rare books collection); Newberry Library (bound with book); British Library; Dallas Pratt Collection, American Museum, Bath, England; Huntington Library; James Ford Bell Library, University of Minnesota; John Carter Brown Library, Brown University; John Work Garrett Library, Johns Hopkins University; Lilly Library, Indiana University Bloomington; New York Public Library; Osher Collection, University of Southern Maine; Palacio Real, Madrid, Spain; Seminario de San Carlos de Zaragoza, Spain